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Bowling King

Bowling King

Bowling King is one of the famous bowling games created by Miniclip, a leading gaming company with many well-known portfolios such as 8 Ball pool and so on.

Bowling king has been downloaded more than 5 million downloads and more than 3 million reviews and can be played on various devices such as google android and app store.

There are many features presented in this game including:

  • Excellent game control and comfortable to use
    Sometimes the game controls are difficult to play and astonishing but not with the king of bowling, with controls that are easy to understand and UI this game can provide comfort in playing the game.

  • multiplayer and can be played with friends
    Spending time playing games while relaxing and relaxing for a certain time to work all day or waiting for the train, in this bowling king game you can play with friends or against other players from other parts of the world.

  • Playgrounds are very much including L.A, Texas and other cities.
    You can choose where you want to play, you can change it whenever you want and choose a city to play in.

  • Tournaments in this game players can take part in tournaments.
    Players can also enter tournaments that are held and earn points to join bigger tournaments.

  • Challenge Mode: players can challenge other players.
    In this game you can also challenge other players head to head.

  • Mini games like roulette and so on.
    With mini games you can get extra points.

  • 120+ Achievements
    More than 120 Achievements that players can get.

  • Support multi language.
    Can be played in multiple languages.

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