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Junior Gold Members to Receive Complimentary Issues of Bowlers Journal

ARLINGTON, Texas – Young bowlers who have picked up Junior Gold memberships for the 2021-2022 season can look forward to receiving complimentary issues of Bowlers Journal International magazine as a gift from the International Bowling Campus Youth Development team.

Members soon will see the February 2022 edition arriving in their mailboxes, and they will continue to receive the longest-running monthly sports magazine in the nation through the July 2022 issue.

The magazine, which recently was revamped to start 2022, is shifting its content from industry-based news to telling the stories of the sport’s brightest stars and most dedicated United States Bowling Congress members.

The new look and direction of Bowlers Journal also will include expanded coverage of youth bowling that will celebrate and discover the next generation of stars in the sport.

“We’re excited to be able to provide this gift to our Junior Gold members,” IBC Youth Development Manager Gary Brown said. “Bowlers Journal International has highlighted so many of our youth programs and athletes over the years, and the new direction of the magazine will help to keep young bowlers engaged in the sport.”

In addition to six issues of the magazine, Junior Gold members will receive a limited-time offer to purchase a two-year subscription to Bowlers Journal for $ 48.

Members who take advantage of the offer would receive 30 issues, an average cost of $ 1.60 per issue. Those who purchase the two-year subscription prior to April 1, 2022, also will receive a free T-shirt.

The offer will be available to Junior Gold members through a special insert inside of the February edition of Bowlers Journal and Junior Gold Approach newsletter.

Bowlers Journal International first was published in 1913, and the latest iteration of the magazine will highlight success stories from on the lanes, stories of perseverance from off the lanes, tips from coaches and professionals, advice about health and wellness and a conscious balance of celebrating the sport’s rich history and exciting future at the same time.

“Bowlers Journal International has told so many inspiring stories through the years,” IBC Youth Committee chairperson Chrissie Kent said. “Young bowlers can learn so much through the pages of this magazine to further their own journeys in the sport, and we’re thrilled to see the commitment from the IBC Youth Development team to get the magazine in their hands.”

The magazine is available digitally and in print, and you can learn more by visiting

The 2022 edition of the Junior Gold Championships will be hosted by eight centers in western Michigan from July 11-23. The USA Bowling National Championships and Youth Open Championships also will be conducted in the same area in 2022.

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